Journey Thru Grief
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Is there life after death for our loved ones? What happens to their souls? Do they go to heaven as we are taught in church? Am I going crazy when I say I feel his presence?

This are all the things that went thru my head right after my husband passed away. It was the final straw that put on my own personal spiritual path to find the 'truth' for myself. I would like to briefly share what I have learned.

Am I Going Crazy With My Grief?

Absolutely not! The feeling or sense that your loved one is near you, is true. Further down the page, you will find some of the ways that my husband has left me know that he is always near me.

During our grief, we do tend to be more open to spirit communication. Keep your eyes and ears open. Follow you heart. Your head (your ego) will tell you it's impossible. In your heart, you will know instinctively. However, some people want it so bad that it just doesn't happen. Slow down and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and just feel the love. Often, I feel it as a slight chill up and down my spine and then it develops into a subtle hug. Some times it's not you but our loved one just hasn't mastered the communication yet. It will happen, in time. Be patient, a life long lesson for all souls.

Spiritualality versus Religion

Ok, so I do have the advantage of some college. When you study Early Civilization, you learn the early history of christianity. Christains are taught to believe in one God. However, as humans, we do tend to fear the unknown. It's written throughtout the history of man. As man has evolved, we've become more open to new concepts. Remember, people were afraid the world was square at one time and then someone sail to another continent. Remember your history lessons. It took centuries before we realized the world was round.

There are many different religions. I'm not gonna say that one is better than the other because in all of them, they do point to the same infinite spirit. As a Christain, I chose to call the infinite spirit, God. It's all love and beauty. I have never felt so much peace in my life until I realize that it comes from the infinite spirit. It took me many years to realize that if something was bad, negative or what ever you want to call it, didn't come from God. It came from pure human nature. My God is there to help me thru those moments. He brings me love, peace and beauty. It leads to my belief that religion is only a tiny part of what it means to be spiritual. I've learned we are all spirits having a human experience.

Is there Life After Death?

Absolutely! I truly believe this now. From that first night after my husband's death, I heard his voice. I heard him crying and telling me he didn't want to leave me this way. I've felt him laying down beside me on those nights that I would cry myself asleep. I've felt his arms around me, those hugs when I really needed him. I've seen him on my computer monitor. I've dreamed of him. I've smelled his presence around me. I've seen the notes he's posted on our family message board. He's counseled me when I didn't think I could even go on. He's forever present in my life today as he was before his death. He's in my own personal cheering squad, aiding me with the will and strength and encouragement I need to go on. He wants to see me happy while watching me grow into the best person I can be.

The Silver Cord

Spiritually, our souls are attached to our bodies by a silver cord. It's like our life line to the spirit world, similar to the umbilical cord at before birth. Our souls travel in & out of our body while our mothers are pregnant but just before birth, we enter for the final time. AT the time of birth, we forget most of the spirit world but children do have some 'cell memory'.

This silver cord protects us in many ways. I don't have much recollection of the auto accident when my son died. At this time in my life, I do believe I left my body just long enough to prevent that memory. Believe me, psychologists have tried to help me recall it. It's just not there. There are times that people do leave their bodies. Talk to anyone who has had a near-death expereince. At the time of a voilent death, like a severe auto accident, the silver cord is severed before impact so the person will feel no pain. That really brought alot of comfort to me to know that my son did not feel pain at the time of his death.

During the dying process, the cord becomes thinner to where it finally is severed. The soul is released. It happens so quickly that some souls don't even realize they have died. Our loved ones in spirits or angels are there to help us and to guide us to the 'light'.

Is There Really A Heaven?

I absolutely believe it! However, I'm not exactly looking upward towards the sky either. Science has known for a very long time that humans are multidimensional. Maybe that's why we are so complexed. Heaven runs parallel to our world, just a different dimension. The bible refers to heaven as having several different rooms. I believe these are the different spiritual levels. Some people have a new soul and some have older and wiser souls. Throughout our lifetime, we are learning and growning according to a life plan for us. When we die, our souls enter at a level of souls according to were we were in our soul development. After death, our souls do continue to grow but at a much slower pace. The Infinite Spirit, God, is the only one who is perfect however, we are all growing and working towards perfection.

A Personal Challenge for You

Everyone must find their own 'spiritual truths'. If you have read thru this page, then I have you thinking. I would like to challenge you to learn more about our souls, how we grow spiritually and become your own truth-seeker. It's risky because in the process you learn about yourself and who you are. You will find some suggested books in the Reading Room section, to get you started. They are just a few that I have read. I allow my spirit guides to guide my growth and yes, they do give me a break and allow me to read novels, too. However, I may walk into a book store, looking for a particular title or subject and walk out with something entirely different. In the end, I have learned a little more of who I am and more of my own spiritual truths.